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For the Fon of it

Hello folks! I bet you’re surprised to see this post come up in your RSS readers. I never thought i’d write in this blog again, and this will probably really will be the final one. I had a couple hundred people following me via Google Reader back in the heyday. I was going to post a traditional “Fon Forgets it’s 5th Birthday” post back in February, but when the day came, I just said “meh”. ;)

I’ve long since unsubscribed to any Fon-related RSS feeds or Google Alerts. Four years of Fon’s vars-assinine clowning was enough for me, ending in an email exchange with Martin Varsavsky himself, and Alex Puregger. Martin seemed to feel that he was entitled to nothing but respect and praise, denying that Fon concealed poor or fraudulent statistics, and bounced me over to Alex to answer any questions I had. Alex had an off-the-cuff excuse for refusing every one of my questions, citing “confidentiality agreements”, including confirming information i’d gotten from Fon e-partner public websites. They bounced me back and forth, getting ever-more indignant and arrogant. Then Martin posted yachting photos in his Spanish blog, and wrote about how he didn’t care what anyone thought of him since he had his money and other pleasures anyway. Perhaps i’ll post the emails later.

I’ve noticed that after more than a year, there is still a steady amount of traffic coming in to read about my old projects, so I decided to fix the missing pictures and correct broken links so you have the benefit of those diagrams and illustrations i’d created.

I see boards.fon.com has been taken down, and replaced with a nice big clean white sock drawer called forums.fon.com. I still have the images I posted on the original discussion board, and I may make them available in case they don’t appear here:
boards.fon.com at Google Cache or
boards.fon.com at Archive.org

Update: Here is the index of those images. Many are thrown in one big pile, but generally, the images used in this blog are in /b and the images used in boards.fon.com are in /f: elfonblog.fondoo.net/images

It’s true that many links in the sidebar are dead, but i’m going to leave them as-is in remembrance of all of the other Foneros who had once donated resources to the “Movimento Fon”. Interestingly, links to alternate official Fon firmwares like FonBasic, FonAdvanced, and FonSpot are still available for download from Fon’s servers. It’s also still possible to download POI files for Fon’s hotspot locations directly.

Speaking of Fon hotspots, I was amused to see that Fon’s Map still shows hotspots that have been dead for many years, including mine here in Austin, TX and those “thrown” in the lake west of Alcobendas, ES where Fon headquarters is. The twist is that every hotspot icon now shows as the “Router On” color! They haven’t even edited the Map’s Legend to obscure the “live vs dead” indicators. That’s called FRAUD, you fonies! However, if you click “see only FON Spots active in the last hour”, they all disappear, everywhere, including AT FON HQ itself. It’s probably just something broken as usual.

In closing, Fon gets two big thumbs-down from The Fonz and me. What a tragic waste of time, money and enthusiasm!

And The Fonz doesnt like it either

4 Responses to For the Fon of it

  1. estqwerty says:

    seems like fon is good idea, good start up and everything gone wrong with the time.
    i have 10 fons Foneras all gone as presents to my friends – now nothing is working in my town.
    may be problems and hunging routers, slow 54mb speeds do not know…
    good idea bad ending.

  2. Claudio says:

    Hi AustinTX, nice surprise to read your posting after that long time, I recently had some visitors to http://sites.google.com/site/fonthings/ and thought to check the links on my site. As stated before: fon=nice idea and bad ending.
    Your emil exchange with Martin would still be interesting…

  3. John says:

    i gave up too. just not worth my time anymore. i did manage to get a bunch a free routers (i sold some, some are still in the box and one has ddwrt on it) and i did make like 30 bucks from people buying passes. i guess i need to make a closing statement on my blog as well. its been fun AustinTX, i guess we will have to wait and see what happens to fon in the future.

  4. Well said says:

    Well said !
    I had 4 foneras at one time and gave them all away .
    What a piece of rubbisch firmware .

    In the beginning I was an enthousiast but not anymore .
    When the big fon boss blogs he wants to be praised ! What a laugh .
    Can’t even get a descent firmware out in … 3-4 years time !!

    It’s good to see you leave too 🙂