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Fon Forgets Its 4th Birthday Too

Yes, it’s been 4 years now since Fon launched. Like its 3rd birthday, Fon has forgotten it!

The Fonero Community, twice reborn, is MIA again.

Promises, promises, so many promises. So many broken promises. So much wasted time and money.

Now, Fon CEO Martin Varsavsky has made the incredulous claim that someone ordered 400,000 Fon routers of some sort. What model, why they had to come from Fon, who only rebadges routers, and who the buyer may be is unknown. But there are enough blanks in Martin’s announcement, that this could mean almost anything. My best-case scenario is that Fon has arranged to supply a coupon-code for a Fonera, to purchasers of the Android phone or even that disappointing abortion known as the Ipad. Get ready, my friends, to give free wifi to all these new folks, who have also paid Fon up front, and funded their network deployment.

Imagine my shock, that none of the news and tech blogs I follow have mentioned this, Fon’s latest crackpot tease. Considering all of the times before that Fon’s press releases have turned out to be polished puckey, any further attention could result in total collapse of Fon’s credibility. Ask anyone on the street; “do you know what Fawn Wifi is?”, and they’ll likely shrug and turn away.

I watched the 1954 and 1999 versions of George Orwell’s Animal Farm last weekend. I suppose that story could represent any number of present-day associations, and it fits Fon well too. Playing to emotions, while concealing the facts. Ever-moving goalposts. Quiet political purges; assassinations. Blatant editing of history. Treating the membership as chattel, while hiding behind masks of fellowship. Faustian bargains with third parties, without the membership’s consent nor desire. The Spanish are indeed familiar with fascism. Should I be surprised?

Foneros, if you are still out there, please comment below. Tell me what you plan to do with Fon this year.

0 Responses to Fon Forgets Its 4th Birthday Too

  1. Micha says:

    Warten auf einen besseren Preis fur die Fonera 2.0n, warten auf mehr infos auf http://german.martinvarsavsky.net/ bzw. http://blog.fon.com/de/
    Danke Micha

    “I’m waiting for a better price for Fonera 2.0n, to be announced at http://german.martinvarsavsky.net/ or http://blog.fon.com/de/
    Thanks, Micha”

  2. Mark Waters says:

    Switched off our Fon router about 6 months ago now.

    In the 2 years I ran it only a couple of people ever connected.

    Oh well.

    Just make your WiFi router Open to All and secure your PC’s

  3. Roetzen says:

    I plan to do nothing with FON. I have basically given up. My FON hotspot will remain on-line as long as nothing breaks. If something breaks, I will not replace it and that will be that. The FON Beta team T-shirt I will wear until it wears out. Or maybe not. I am done with FON.

  4. My Fon Blog says:

    The only reason Fon is still surviving is because people find out about it, say to themselves: “hey this is a pretty cool idea, buy a little router and get free internet wherever I go.” Shortly thereafter they find out what its really like, and you’ll find yourself with a cool looking paperweight. Or they were like me, got the router free (who cant pass up free) not knowing what it was, and well, the story ends the same way.

  5. Seth says:

    I’ve basically given up on Fon at this point as well. I keep the Fonera 2.0g running that I bought in Sep 2009 w/the Fontenna for 70 euros ($100 US), but I don’t use any of the special features. I’ve lost hope that Fon will ever release a solid stable firmware for it. It’s pretty clear to me at this point that purchasers of the 2.0g have been abandoned, upgrade discount be damned. I was never that interested in the 2.0n because it’s big & ugly and I don’t want to clobber my neighbors wireless nets with 802.11n, plus I heard on the forums and blog comments that it had as many if not more problems that the 2.0g.

    I think the best case scenario would be to flash it with something like Tomato, to make it really useful.

  6. bobrebelbob says:

    I jumped in early. I ordered the $1 Linksys WRT 54G FON unit in ~ April 2005. I only wanted to test out FON and then blow away their firmware and load up DDWRT or Tomato and use the router in my home network. I kept the router up, as I promised I would, for 1 year. Sometime after the first year I removed it from service and they hounded me about it via email. I then received a FREE gen 2 router. It is still in the box and has never been powered on. I looked into changing out the firmware but it is just way more trouble than I cared to deal with. I check in on FON from time to time just to see if the idea will catch on. After reading this blog, I don’t expect FON to be around much longer. I remember Google was an investor, along with other recognizable names, and I wonder if they are still associated with FON??

    Anyway, I enjoy my 54G every day. Thanks FON!