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ClearWire’s WiMax/WiFi Router

Reviews are coming in from Portland OR, USA about the quality of WiMax service launched there by Clearwire. Most of what I am reading sounds positive.

I mentioned Clearwire in my previous blog. They have been offering a sort of “pre-WiMax” wireless broadband service in major cities across the USA.

Clearwire and Sprint had intended to partner under the Xohm name, and roll out WiMax throughout the USA. Austin, TX had been one of those target cities, and I was very excited! To make a long blog short, Sprint is not doing so well, and the partnership dissolved, leaving Clearwire to attempt a more limited roll-out on their own.

Here is their handy little WiMax/WiFi router. This device marries a WiMax modem in an USB dongle with a small WiFi router equipped with an USB port. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

It’s dissapointing that Fon’s Fonosferat Program has avoided thinking of La Fonera 2.0’s USB port as a WAN interface. With WiMax and WiBro dongles available for a year already, Fon could have achieved the WiMax-Fon router by now. Perhaps they are still looking for a way to deliver Fon CEO Martin Varsavsky’s vision of *providing* WiMax service via a Fon device which is tethered as usual to DSL or cablemodem?

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  1. steven says:

    if you insert a (supported) 3G stick in your Fonera2 it automatically uses that one as the “internet uplink”
    It can do thesame if you insert a (supported) wimax stick in your fonera2

    could you tell us more on the “usb” details when you insert this dongle into your linux computer?
    usb parameters; which /dev does it create? is it handled as a serial device or more like a “wifi” uplink?

  2. austintx says:

    Steven: La Fonera automatically detects 3G and 4G devices and aquires an Internet connection automatically? It does this now? This is news to me. What are the supported devices and carriers? It is odd that Fon has not already demonstrated an early Fon WiMax/WiFi hotspot…

    No, I do not have the technical details of the ClearWire USB device featured here. I am not on their developent team. There are also other USB-WiMax/WiBro dongles which have been available for a year or more. You will probably find their technical details on the FCC website and other equivalents.

  3. skynetbbs says:

    it supports Huawei 3G sticks out of the box;
    the gui has a large 3G icon where you can enter your apn/username/password