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Fon E-Partnership turns cellphones into hotspots

Today Fon and JoikuSoft announce their collaboration in a software addon for Symbian phones, called “JoikuSpot”. You can buy it in their JoikuShop at an introductory price of €15. It uses 3G or GPRS as your Internet backhaul (WAN), and built-in wifi for the hotspot (possibly in peer-to-peer mode instead of AP mode), so you too can share your bandwidth wherever you go!

My first thought, of course, is how this is excellent news for homeless Bills who have been encumbered by the extra weight of a La Fonera router, cables, and battery packs. Now, when they sell wifi at the train station, they only need to carry a single device with them! Hopefully, Fon can partner with a major cellco and negotiate a discount on their unlimited data plans for this charitable purpose.

JoikuSpot supports the following cellphone models (with an appropriate carrier, “unlimited” high speed data plan providing 3G/GPRS, and carrier provisioning to enable wifi on the phone):

  • Samsung i550 and G810,
  • Nokia E51, E60, E61, E61i, E65, E66, E70, E71, E90, N77, N78, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N91, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N95 8GB Americas, and N95 Americas.

JoikuSpot Premium also includes a VPN client to secure your connection to a home or corporate VPN server. JoikuSpot Premium does not force visitors to a default landing page, and is also 100% customizable for operator whitelabeling and licencing.

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0 Responses to Fon E-Partnership turns cellphones into hotspots

  1. PJMDS says:

    “homeless Bills”
    very funny 😀

  2. skynetbbs says:

    “Firewall systems that require pptp/gre port forwarding protocol for VPN are not supported in Premium 2.0” that rules out most corporate vpn solutions 🙂

    also most people have allready a nice (unlimited) 3G subscription….check out iPhone… but with Fonspot they will be able to sell their 3G in the train and perhaps earn their monthly fee back…just like they do with their cable/adsl subscription… The added interest here is …you can not so easily move your “house” to a good location…but you can surely visit a high traffic point (are we talking again about a Starbucks or mcdonalds? 🙂 and offer cheaper hotspot access…
    Imho Joikuspot is not creating an “adhoc”…i’m really seeing a “joiku_xxxxx” which i can access with my laptop or handywi… but the “free” edition is limited to “http” so only webmail… and not even https (I believe) ….

    Now any “unlimited” dataplan stops at the national border…remember at&t issueing a warning towards its customers to explain to use wifi instead of 3G when going abroad?
    What’s so spectacular about FON is that it works internationally…so if you have a fonera at home running you can access a french mobile fonspot for free or a german or a spanish…
    let’s hope this “mapspot” software will also work so we’ll be able to see where there are mobile fonspots 🙂