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Swisscomm dumps Starbucks in Spain

All over Spain, including Madrid and Alcobendas (HQ of Fon), Wireless Citizens are finding that they can no longer log into Swisscomm wifi at their favorite Starbucks!

Isn’t this is a good opportunity for the “World’s Biggest Wifi Community” to take a shot at replacing them? Lucky Bills near these coffeehouses may allready be seeing increased profits.

Now, Starbucks doesn’t want people hanging out in the shop all day, without buying drinks and snacks. Though Fon promotes the idea of “$€3/day”, they also have proven that there is no problem implimenting “15 free minutes”, “60 minutes via SMS” and “5-day passes” as alternatives.

Bill Foneros have urged Fon to impliment a “voucher” system in the past. I think the time has arrived for Fon to impliment such a system for merchants who use Fon! :)

Merchants could print out a sheet full of voucher codes once a day, through a special MyFon page, and cut them into separate slips of paper. These vouchers would supply an hour or two of wifi, and be useable for 24 hours from the time of creation. Starbuck’s patrons would each create a Fonero account, and then enter their voucher code as payment. Fon could reward “frequent flyers” with Starbucks coupons or other benefeits.

Starbucks might pay Fon a small amount for each voucher which gets used, and Fon would share half of the net profits with Starbucks, just like with Bills. Publicity for both partners would be very good if this plan works out! :)

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  1. PJMDS says:

    Remember this http://english.martinvarsavsky.net/general/wifi-eine-the-starbucks-case.html ? 😀

    First Martin was trying to get people near starbucks to take advantage of their locations and “steal” some clients http://english.martinvarsavsky.net/fon/live-near-a-starbucks.html , now he’s “begging” starbucks to use FON services, I hope starbucks use someone else wifi services just to keep things interesting 😉

  2. Mike Puchol says:

    A link back to your source would have been appreciated 😉

    I was talking to one manager at Starbucks, and what they care about is the degradation of the “atmosphere” that would come with free WiFi, i.e. dozens of kids IMing and playing online games. They could care less if someone spends a few hours sitting down, as long as they “behave”. I guess they really would be into a system that gives patrons some free WiFi, and then charging for anything over the free period.

  3. austintx says:

    I’m sorry, Mother. I added a link now. 😉
    BTW- Your article didn’t list any news sources either, just your personal account. 😐

  4. Mike Puchol says:

    Heh, because I got it right from the source – Swisscom. There isn’t any PR or other article I could link to 😉

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