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La Naked Fontenna

My foreign correspondant sent me pictures of the inside of La Fontenna today. The plastic case is sealed somehow without glue, so it is probably done ultrasonicaly. This one was opened with a small electric craft saw.

The antenna inside is simply a cheap printed circuit board suspended over a thin metal reflector. I doubt the La Fontenna is priced fairly at $20.00 + shipping (but perhaps not so bad at $2 + $5 shipping).


0 Responses to La Naked Fontenna

  1. Dan says:

    good job, buster!

    have ordered mine a few days ago. we’ll see how it performs

  2. Marshall says:

    So, does the naked fontenna, sans an reflective surface, work better than the original antenna?

  3. Jungo says:

    With such a simple antenna the trick seems to be on the CABLE!!! Man I loooove its 3 mts of low loose cable!!! Good low loose cables are really expensive here in Europe, I am thinking on getting some Fontannas just to resell the cable!

  4. steven says:

    then you’ll have 50% going backward, 50% going forward (bi directional antenna)

    it would become inferior…
    * hence only 2 directions…
    * cable loss (in comparison with existing antenna)

  5. […] Till I get my own oppinion (read other good reviews at ElFonBlog’s for example) will share some unboxing pics below. […]

  6. Sagar Shah says:

    Has anyone actually used it yet?

    Can it be used with other routers?
    I have a Netgear router with the Sky firmware on it.

    Seems to work fine with my laptop but I have a desktop upstairs which is getting a very low signal and often no signal at all.I would wire it up as I think its the best option but my landlord isn’t too keen on the idea of wires around the place.

    I would want one of these but only if I can put it on my netgear router.
    If it helps I can unscrew the antennae that does come with my netgear router!


  7. austintx says:

    Well, what kind of connector does your Netgear router require?