If this were a live FonBar, you would log in to the hotspot through the form above.

Please look away!

Just an ordinary lake! Move along!

(click on the pictures for more information)

Look! Watch the funny man!

Nothing to see here. Keep moving.

Haha, it’s the silly man again! Which is all you find in *official* Fon blogs this week!

Still not getting the message!

Wow, all of those light-green dots are *offline* hotspots! How can this be, when they are right there at Fon Headquarters? And it looks like a lot of homeless Aliens (orange dots) are camped out among the trees along the highway. Or is this Martin’s army of homeless Bills who provide wifi for VOIP calls throughout the city?

3 Responses to Please look away!

  1. Greg says:

    Hahaha wow at the bottom pic does it really say FON SUX with the pois or is that photoshopped

  2. Sacrabolt says:

    Showing an unusual fast response, Fri Jun 29 FON made an improvement in maps.fon.com deleting *all* those unuseful orange dots

  3. […] that have been dead for many years, including mine here in Austin, TX and those “thrown” in the lake west of Alcobendas, ES where Fon headquarters is. The twist is that every hotspot icon now shows as the “Router On” […]