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Advance Pix of La Fonera 1.5

No technical details are available at this time, but photos of the upcoming La Fonera 1.5 (AKA “La Fonera Plus”) have come to light. It is somewhat bigger than the La Fonera 1.0 and has an additional Ethernet jack for a LAN connection. The same 4db antenna is provided, so this won’t cut into sales of the Fontenna. 😉

It doesn’t look like any attention was spent on improving air circulation. The new device will obviously be heavier, so the chances of securely attaching it to a window with a double sided suction cup is diminishing. If it turns out to have PoE built in (fat chance), i’ll buy one myself at full price. 😉

Click picture for full size Image. La Fonera 1.5 compared to La Fonera 1.0.

Click picture for full size Image. La Fonera 1.5 compared to La Fonera 1.0.

UPDATE: To our suprise, the La Fonera 1.5/plus does not appear to be based on the Accton MR3202A Mini Router .pdf link. The La Fonera 1.0 is clearly a rebranded MR3201A .pdf link. Accton still has these data sheets for these products, but no longer features them on their Products page. Perhaps Fon bought the 1.0 model at steep discount because of pending discontinuation. Let us know if you’ve found another product that Fon has likely rebranded as the 1.5. This will provide us with operating specs that Fon will never give us willingly. 😉

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  3. steven says:

    Yeah all thanks to the German Fon Blog 🙂

    Btw did you also notice the “power” connector is now NEXT to the antenna?
    First one asks to have the antenna on the opposite (like meraki)… now they put it next to it?

    now perhaps the real connector on the pcb is at the opposite side just like the Fonera 1.2?

  4. austintx says:

    Yes, I noticed the new antenna position, with some annoyance. Sometimes, it seems that Fon makes a point of taking our requests and putting them in a list of things they *refuse* to do. 🙁

    The best form factor would be like a Meraki-Mini, or even perhaps like a Fontenna with built-in AP, with PoE. The antenna should be opposite the cables, so that the weight of the cables holds the AP upright, instead of flopping it over the way the La Fonera’s do. If the device’s antenna was internal, like the Fontenna, then the only connector it would need is the Ethernet jack, and it could come with suction cups for mounting on a window. This would create a device that would be very easy to deploy over large areas, where it is inconvienient to have to run long, multiple cables, and worry about mounting options.