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Fon E-links!

Let me know asap when the following urls get revoked by the ever-vigellant censors at Fon:



Try out Fon’s new “link sortener” today! Share it with your Friends and Family for lots of Fon! ;)


Update: It looks like Fon let the fon.gs domain lapse some time after November 2, 2012.

0 Responses to Fon E-links!

  1. dema says:

    as soon as those short urls will be checked by moderfon ? 🙂

  2. cryptic scriptz says:


    I didnt want to post this on FON’s censored website, obviously it would get yanked as it will undermine their idea.


    I’ve been following this project right from the start, it originally started as a pfsense fw project, but seems the author had a disagreement with pfsense crew.

    Anyhow, with this project, you can say buh bye phon, what this project aims to do is, give u custom portal, with a backend server for authentication(radius) and also processes payment (for those who want to get paid)!

    Oh, another Wifi Sharing Systems link for your audience, http://www.coova.org

    I wonder how long FON will last, prehaps it will flop like martins last project.


  3. austintx says:

    Awesome stuff, Cryptic! It seems to me that there’s no reason someone can’t make a live-boot linux CD that provides the login page web server, PayPal scripts, and RADIUS server for any number of Chilispot-based APs, and another (or the same) CD to boot a PC with dual network interfaces as a captive portal hotspot itself… All you’d have to do is set up the necessary account with PayPal, decide what your rates will be, and design a custom login page as an afterthought. So many people have old PCs that are more than good enough for this task. Being PC based, updates and advanced services could be provided at will. B)

  4. cryptic scriptz says:

    Is there a regular FON related forum where things dont get censored, that we could discuss this further?

    Im seriously considering your suggestion, I dont see why the image cant be on one single cd, but the hurdle I had was paypal payment.


  5. Euronerd says:

    Cryptic, I just re-opened the forum on http://euronerd.com
    (added VIP-code to fight spam, it requires some human knowledge 🙂 ).
    I only censor SPAM and fully board-unrelated commercial postings. No sex, no poker, no viagra 🙂

  6. cryptic scriptz says:

    sorry ignore that last comment euronerd.

    im registered


  7. Daniel says:

    FON is pretty fast in correcting typos, arn’t they?

  8. austintx says:

    Funny… it doesn’t “sort” my links at all! 😀