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Episode XII: Fon Censors Community Protest of Censorship

I bet the board meddlerator thought this matter had been sucessfully choked off when he deleted the thread. Well, this is the Thread That Shall Not Die. As you can see from the saved copy, there was no discussion of forbidden topics, just an accelerating protest against censorship, and confrontation of the moderator’s terrible attitude and lack of respect for the community. This is yet another example of how Fon scorns the community of bright and talented wifi-sharers, who will not tow the company line.

Click here to read the deleted thread.

This snapshot was taken just before the final post made, which was just a short compliment to me for having spoken up. Anyone who would like to continue this thread is welcome to use this blog’s comments to do so. :)

ADDITION: Today, megga-blogger Om Malik reported on some kind of overhyped Fon E-partnership that everyone is parroting this week. Awk! At the end of his post he references the long-unfixed bandwidth throttling control bug for the La Fonera APs. His link to one of the board threads on the topic is dead. Fon censored it!

Addition: the board thread which Om Malik linked to in his blog has been restored!

0 Responses to Episode XII: Fon Censors Community Protest of Censorship

  1. gfdsa says:

    you seem to be either inspired or surprised by what is happening.
    well, it was an obvious end of story for me, I have predicted it to the FON community many month ago (my post was also deleted).
    What did you expect from them? El presidento just makes money. Who cares about community when there is BT and TW with their wallets?

  2. moderfon says:

    Thank you for your post.

  3. skynetbbs says:

    isn’t it a bit naive to expect an objective debate on a company blog/messageboard?

    also doesn’t this happen on any phpbb board or moderated newsgroup or Irc chat? the moderators and channel ops allways kick…ass 🙂

    Luckily there is http://elfonblog.fondoo.net, http://fonblog.wordpress.com ,http://www.fontastic.org , … and many others 🙂

  4. Kyros says:

    Dear skynetbbs,

    good moderation as I understand it leads to good arrangement of all threads to enable fast searching for requested topics and mediation of controversial discussions ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forum_moderator ). So redundand threads can be merged and OT statements can be moved to new threads with correct discussion topic.
    Board’s and forum’s rules should be published for all users clear and coherent.

    But arbitrary erasing of afterward so titled “not allowed” threads is censorship. I don’t want to let us not use the word moderation to camouflage censorship.

    And censorship in addition with posting of untruthful coorparate statement leads to drawing a mirage. I like to compare this with building a “Potemkin village” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potemkin_village ).
    I think this is what’s currently going on in the FON board and what’s enraging a lot of foneros.

    Regards, Kyros

  5. […] In this particular case, a UK ISP known as Fondoo.net, who define themselves as “the UK’s first FON Friendly ISP.”, has had its name censored from Fon’s forums. Any mention of the word ‘fondoo’ will be shown on posts as *xxxx*, as can be seen on this thread (scroll down a bit to the first post by euronerd). Seems like a very fast way to lose friends, and shows how to not build a community. As this thread will probably be censored (there was a thread about censorship that itself got censored!), I took a screenshot of the relevant bit: […]

  6. moderfon says:

    how many foneros are “protesting” ?
    you (1) and ????

  7. Kyros says:

    Hi moderfon,

    Do you really think that the majority of all disgusted users is coming to tell YOU about it?
    And if someone brings himself to feedback you and this is something you don’t want to hear you just censor his posting/thread.
    Let us unearth the truth!

    Regards, Kyros

  8. […] Leo en tech.am y en elfonblog.fondoo.net criticas contra la forma de actuar del moderador de los foros de FON impidiendo que se hablen temas negativos sobre la marca o que hablen sobre el ISP Fondoo. […]