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Whisher updates Linux Client

As an intrim solution to the problem where Linux will expose wireless encryption keys to the root account, Whisher has released a replacement version of the Linux client. Folks who use Linux on their computers, and who wish to use a Whisher hotspot, will need to be a buddy of, or private owner of the hotspot. In other words, if you use Linux, you will not be able to use just any Whisher hotspot you stumble across, you’ll need to have elevated privledges with the person who hosts that wifi AP. Mac and Windows clients will continue to use open Whisher hotspots.



Macintosh Whishers should download the new Mac Client, released March 5th:


0 Responses to Whisher updates Linux Client

  1. Dead links and donkeys says:

    Shame that the download link is dead. As is Whisher forums (dead). No one seems to have any interest in it except a very small number of users. Small number of users is not going to take an idea that requires many far.

    Looks like it will die a death

    Viva Fon!

  2. austintx says:

    The download link was working when I posted it, and it is working as of this comment… If you would like to see activity in the forums, perhaps you will post a topic to discuss there? 🙂

    Viva Fon, indeed. Whisher is completely compatible with Fon’s wifi-sharing system. Why can’t they be friends?

    I see you are posting from a Spanish commercial IP address… would you care to tell us what company you represent? 😉

  3. Not Found says:

    The requested URL /beta/Whisher_linux_en_20070130.tar.gz was not found on this server.

    I do not represent any company.

    Whisher is not a viable alternative to Fon for wireless sharing. It’s a disposable piece of software, that is an “Install, look and remove” application. People who use Fon have a physical item, often they have purchased the foneras. Do you seriously expect that Whisher contends with Fon?

    There are too many security implications with wireless sharing, and while I am not saying Fon is safe, I do firmly believe it is MUCH more safe than using Whisher.

    Key distribution… mmm, it will be hacked, if anyone actually thought that the Whisher database held more than a handle full of keys.

  4. austintx says:

    What you seem to be saying is that you feel that the Whisher Client does not look impressive, and that since there is no free hardware gift included, that it must therefore fail. But consider Fon’s various unmatching interfaces, which are much more confusing, and less intuitive. It may also be observed that Fon is still just limping along after giving away thousands of Linksys routers and La Foner APs. I think a sucessful system depends on different components.

    An attractive interface will certainly contribute to a good first impression, but functionality, stability, and prompt support, such as Whisher provides, will justifiably preserve that established relationship.

    It also seems that, though you do not mention any actual exploits which work against the Whisher system, you still express reluctance to trust it based on “security implications with wireless sharing”. This is too vague to really quantize, and I am dissapointed that you might not be giving Whisher a real chance.

    Trust is an important component of the loyalty we give any organization or system. I can guarantee you that Fon’s system is full of exploits and unsolved logistic problems which Whisher will never be vulnerable to. Trust is often granted on an impulse. Whisher wants a chance to demonstrate that they can earn your trust.

    I have contacted someone about the downloading problem. It should be remedied promptly, or I shall attempt to provide you with an explanation for your difficulty.

    If you have further to say about specific problems with Whisher, please feel free to comment. I would encourage you to offer some solutions for Whisher’s consideration.

  5. Mike Puchol says:


    The download issue was related to the web developers posting an old version of the download page, after having updated the links. It is now fixed, and all versions can be downloaded.

    Regarding the comments about trust and security, if Apple’s iTunes DRM, or DVD protection, or even Blu-Ray encryption, have all been cracked, it would be naive to think that Whisher’s encryption mechanism could not be cracked. However, there are two big redeeming factors:

    1. Each key is encrypted with an individual key derived from several factors, one of which is the AP’s own MAC address. This means that even if you have the algorithm, you would have to run it against each key in the database, using the entire MAC address space.

    2. There is nothing to gain from cracking the database, access to the Whisher network is free, and will remain free. It is much easier to simply install the client and use it.

    3. Contrary to other initiatives, we let the user decide when and with whom to share, so if you feel your key is not safe with the rest of the community, you can share with just your friends, and nobody other than them will get it.

    You are right in saying that Fon gives away free routers, and this is eye candy to anyone, but we also believe that just plain and simple WiFi sharing will not last long, so Whisher is not going to stop here. It is also true that Fon is burning cash at rates seen in the dotcom bubble era, so how that makes it more viable I fail to see.


    (who -does- represent Whisher as co-founder and CTO)