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Fon is One Year Old!

It’s been a year so far. Much has happened, and there have been breathtaking highs and lows. Fon is still hanging in there, and by Martin V’s accounts, growing rapidly. No stats available on that, but we’ll take his word for it.

The year started out with Fon welcoming everyone to join in and express themselves. The “Revolutionary” Movement image has faded dramatically, and Fon has been following a bewildering course and not answering their emails. Fon still holds my interest for the time being. As unpredictable as they are, anything can happen.

A number of other wifi-sharing and related companies have started up during the same year, and it gives much pause for thought. My first thought is usually about how something can benefeit Fon by solving existing problems. Fon seems to feel like developing their own measures, when existing ones can be bought off the shelf.

I believe there will be a point we reach, after which someone will take the best that several semi-hopefuls have to offer. This could build something truely impressive, which will seem obvious by hindsight.

0 Responses to Fon is One Year Old!

  1. Euronerd says:

    It looks like Martin has put even more oil onto the fire, giving away unlimited numbers of Fonera’s (up to the point the FON servers break down under the amazing load of requests). See his blog….
    Now, also the early adapters with Linksys routers can “exchange” them by simply mailing FON (including the Linksys MAC id). Seems to pass-by the order-process with all “I agree” stuff.
    To me, this looks like FON is burning the capital at such rate to prepare for an imminent take-over. And that may indeed become something truly impressive, to use your words !!!

  2. obsidian says:

    ….and the Liberator is gonna come out on august. Nobody said that!