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DD-WRT for La Fonera!

The moderator of boards.fon.com is censoring euronerd’s posts about this topic. Euronerd has his own board where discussion continues about it.

But the news is out! Brainslayer has taken the time to make an implimentation of DD-WRT for the La Fonera router which replaces the locked-down feature-stripped firmware Fon provides for it! He is the genius who wrote and develops DD-WRT for Linksys, Buffalo and other routers. He also wrote the Fon-disavowed “Fonadvanced” firmware for Linksys and Buffalo routers.

The installation must be done manually, in multiple steps, and the features are still very basic. One feature familiar to DD-WRT users, is allready working: a “client” mode which allows the router to work in reverse, by attaching to *another* wifi hotspot and providing internet service to computers connected to it’s ethernet cable. Sort of like an external wifi adapter, but with an ethernet jack instead of USB. That feature alone could make the La Fonera router much more useful as a “booster” where there is wifi nearby, but too far for a laptop to pick up with it’s own internal antenna. A pair of La Foneras might even be combined to create cheap wifi “range extenders”!

I think it’s extremely well established that censorship will only draw more attention to issues which Fon fears. Why on earth couldn’t moderfon simply follow up the original post by saying “It will violate your Fonero Promise to use DD-WRT firmware” instead of deleting it But the fact that there is a version of DD-WRT for the La Fonera router is news, not a broken promise!

I’m keeping my eyes open for confirmation that it has a web-based configuration interface and support for multiple SSIDs. It may also be desirable to have Chilispot aboard so that the router can continue to serve as a Fon hotspot using the more versatile firmware. We want to share our wifi. We just don’t accept Fon’s continuing push to eliminate our control of equipment on our premises.

http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/down.php path=downloads%2Fbeta+releases%2Ffonera+builds/

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  1. kyros says:

    Hi all,

    Censorship is always a evidence of incapacity.

    Everyone here knowes that there are a lot of activities to substitute the FON firmware with others for instance by OpenWRT or DD-WRT.
    But let’s think about why there are more tolerated OpenWRT activities described even in this board and strictly not tolerated ones by DD-WRT which links were censored after FON’s command.

    For everyone who’s new here I will remember you that the author of this new censored DD-WRT version for LaFonera is the same programmer (Brainslayer) which programmed the first firmware versions for the forerunner model Linksys WRT54GL and others based on DD-WRT. Then FON decided to change the firmware programmer (they never told why) to someone trying the same in OpenWRT. So the desaster firmware FONbasic 0.6.6 was created and after this buggy firmware they stopped developement and promised feature developement for these routers. Then the LaFonera with similar OpenWRT FONfirmware appeared. At Christmas this was cracked and a empty OpenWRT can now be installed. Very interesting that these threads are still alive.

    Now Brainslayer managed it to put DD-WRT on the LaFonera: For Fon this must feel like a painful backlash and as we are used to FON acts unprofessional again: They command to censore the DD-WRT link for La Fonera.

    As expected again disappointed,

  2. dema says:

    I’m going to post a poll on Fon board about it . Let’s see what will be the reaction.

  3. kyros says:

    Hi dema,

    your poll has been removed into “Resolved / History / very old.” section of the english board so no one can poll or reply any more.

    In addition my upper message which I posted before at 12th Jan. 2006 01:00 into english FONboard was erased from the english FONboard at 12th Jan. 2006 until noon !!!

    Poor FON!

  4. austintx says:

    Yeah, that was pretty scummy of moderfon to close your poll after 2 votes (yours against, and his for, I presume?), and then declare the matter…. “resolved”.

  5. […]Well, the master of all wireless devices, Brainslayer, finally broke down in front of all tearful prayers and has taken the time to make an distro of DD-WRT which replaces the locked-down low-feature firmware that router comes with it! Why people want to hack it for is unclear, but FON keeps hitting it in the head with a brick. Backdoor by backdooor the shut daily to keep the darn thing locked-up![…]