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Fon is now SAFE!

Yes, safe it is. It’s safe as can be now!

Fon President Martin Varsavsky writes today that McAfee has accepted Fon as a “partner”, and that therefore, the question of whether Fon is safe to use is settled! Glad we could put that question behind us forever.

I’m looking forward to seeing Fon replace Wayport as hotspot provider at McDonald’s, because I believe this would give all Fon routers the flavor of tasty hamburger and fries by this same magical association.

0 Responses to Fon is now SAFE!

  1. dema says:

    Sorry dude , but as real italian chico , I don’t like McFood. 🙂

  2. lm says:

    I love Wayport’s Wi-Fi at McDonald’s!! Their Wi-Fi is so fast and VERY SAFE!!!