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La Meraki Mini is no Fonera [1 EDIT]

Today’s Fontastic.org entry compliments my own previous one quite well. It seems that Fon’s business partner Google is also sleeping with *another* wifi-router manufacturer.

Visit meraki.net to see a router exactly like what I have advocated that Fon build. The Meraki Mini features actual, working WDS, including separate management software for swarms of routers.

The cables plug in opposite the antenna, it can be Powered over Ethernet, and runs on the Atheros single-chip controller- this router looks SWEET!

EDIT: The Meraki Mini and La Fonera routers are based on the same refrence design from Atheros, and apparently even the same chipset. Potentially, Meraki firmware could be shoehorned into La Fonera with little effort.

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  1. Grant says:

    I lead a community wireless network project called DFWFreeNet that is deploying a wireless mesh network using Meraki Minis in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. The website is http://www.dfwfreenet.org It’s funny you mention the features the Merkai has that la Fonera doesn’t. There are features la Fonera has that I wish the Meraki had. For example, the dual SSIDs for public/private network segments.

  2. austintx says:

    Awesome project, Grant! You might consider the possibility that La Foneras may be able to run Meraki firmware (or a special version) so that folks can “take their AP to another provider” so to speak. 😀

    I’ve added your website to my list of resources.

    Your Merakis may be capable of dual SSIDs with a firmware upgrade, but consider the headaches that would be caused by complaints from those folks with the popular wifi adapters which are incompatible, or unstable with that feature enabled.

  3. Grant says:

    Thanks for the compliment. After seeing the Austin and Houston community wireless projects, I felt Dallas should be included. I searched for an existing community wireless group but only found remnants of dismantled groups. So last year I started DFWFreeNet and have been working to spur interest in the community.

    That’s a great idea. I’m going to look into flashing the La Fonera with the Meraki firmware. I believe there are a good number of La Foneras out there already.

    You’re right, a firmware upgrade could one day add that functionality. I didn’t know certain WiFi adapters were incompatible or unstable with dual SSIDs enabled, is that the case with the La Fonera?

    The Meraki Mini’s radio puts out a modest 60mW of power, I plan to start experimenting with a WiFi amplifier to boost the output up to the legal limit. This should greatly increase coverage area, especially in a growing network where nodes are spread out. I’ll keep http://www.dfwfreenet.org updated with my results.

  4. netware says:

    La Foneras may be able to run Meraki firmware????
    how to do it???
    who can email to me about this detail???

  5. austintx says:

    netware: when I find out, i’ll post the information here.

  6. Greg says:

    it may not be neccasary to load meraki firmware at the last post by martin in his blog at http://english.martinvarsavsky.net/fon/should-fon-use-meraki.html he says that meshing will be added into the fon!

  7. austintx says:

    Well, we shall see. Martin has also said that he would like to add RAM to the La Foneras to help “hackers” who wish to try enhancing it. But try telling that to his minions. 😉

  8. Greg says:

    A person here seems to have done it a while ago http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=7189

  9. Greg says:

    specificaly The user Heini there