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Thank you for your interest in viewing the original El Fon Blog. The blog host, cjb.net, stopped offering free blogs at the end of 2008. The blog v1 is still available to read on Archive.org, but before you step over there, please read this warning.

El Fon Blog (v2) is now hosted by www.fondoo.net, the Fon-Friendly DSL Provider in UK. Update: I now own that domain! Read this for more info.

The reason for the move is that the original blog host, blogs.cjb.net, was ad-supported. Unfortunately, these were popups and popunders rather than banner ads, and they employed aggressive code to defeat popup stoppers. I rarely saw these popups because my browser almost always caught them. In addition to that, I have a heavily modified *”hosts” file which improves my browsing experience by directing traffic for known ad hosts to a null IP address. In the rare event that a popup appears, it is usually just a harmless, empty window.

Not all of my readers were so lucky, for which I apologize. CJB.net does not appear to have control over the ads which they place on those sites which they host for free. A couple of years ago, there had been objectionable content appearing, but that matter appeared to be resolved. In past weeks however, I have been told that folks using ZoneAlarm and other internet security programs are receiving warnings about attempts to install known trojan software, and other attempts to perform undesirable tasks. I keep my browser fully patched, so I turned off my security measures and surfed the blog. The first ad triggered a software install attempt. Not acceptable!

Luckily, Alan Bell of www.fondoo.net was interested in hosting blogs on behalf of any Fonero for free. The move took most of a weekend as I retyped most of the original articles and scoured boards.fon.com for any direct links i’d made to the original blog. I am proud to be “powered” by WordPress now. The management pages are more complicated than I would prefer, but I’m getting used to that. I’m delighted how even the default template makes almost anything I write look professional.

So without further meandering, please click here for El Fon Blog v1 and please browse safely!


# This Hosts file has been altered to block ad servers.
# To restore the file just
# delete everything below the first entry or rename hosts.nbk
# to hosts and move it to the proper directory.
# Updated: scroll down for date stamp
# This is an ad blocking hosts file compiled by
# Mike Skallas(user245(at)hotmail.com)
# Available at http://everythingisnt.com/hosts.html
# Copyright 2005. Please do not redistribute, use above link.
# Free only for Residential/Non-Profit use.
# Just add ’ ADSERVER’ to the bottom to continue the list.
# known cjb.net ad hosts ads.clicksor.com 1.adbrite.com 2.adbrite.com 3.adbrite.com 4.adbrite.com 5.adbrite.com www.adbrite.com popunder.adsrevenue.net ads1.revenue.net ads2.revenue.net

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