If this were a live FonBar, you would log in to the hotspot through the form above.

Setting up no-charge access to your personal router.

Nov 3 Edit: The lUser Zone pages have been slightly re-arranged, but the instructions are pretty much the same.

This worked with Linksys and Buffalo routers running authentic fon firmware prior to release of the new El Cheapo router. Please let me know if the User Zone gets re-engineered again, or if this does/does not work for people using the El Cheapo:

[I originally created these graphics for the original tutorial on Sept 4, but the instructions seen below come from a later reprint of the tutorial on Oct 3.]

1) To set up free access for a friend or family member, you log into fon’s homepage (http://www.fon.com/) and log into your “User Zone” as shown below.

2) Select “Configure Your FON Social Router”.

3) Create a username (called a “nickname” here) and password for the friend/family in one of the five “Friends And Family” fields. This has no relation with a fonero email address that is registered with fon, it’s just any username and password choosen. Click the[Update your list] button, and after a few minutes you may reboot the router.

4) Now, your friend/family connects wirelessly to your hotspot and opens the web browser. After a moment, the fon login page will appear. Here, you type in the username and password created to allow free access at this hotspot, in the same place that foneros would type their email address instead. Remember, these friend/family credentials only work at THIS hotspot.

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