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El Cheapo in production

Martin posts the first pictures in his blog of the long-awaited “La Fonera” (we affectionately call it the ”El Cheapo”) in production in Chinese sweatshop:

Martin Varsavsky- “The key feature of these Foneras is that they give out two SSIDs, two networks, one if FON’s and the other is called “My Place” and has a key that the FONero can share with
his family and friends.”


In other words, the dual-SSID firmware is for this router ONLY, and not for the Linksys routers. While we were not specifically told that the Linksys and Buffalo routers would never recieve this feature, we were told that fon was responding to our need for “dual-SSID FIRMWARE”. They kept their mouths shut and let us assume what we wanted until the last possible moment.



They also left out some other dissapointing omissions from the Cheapo’s specs. More to come in the entry documenting first recipient’s descriptions.

Interestingly, Martin’s previous blog entry is entitled “Are Americans more Gullible than Europeans?” :lol:


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