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Working on better cooling

I have put a nice, flattish 2? heat sink onto the router’s cpu. The box im using is too shallow for a tall one. The heat sink gets suprisingly hot so I added a 12v fan. I’m more concerned than ever about heat now, so I have put off installing my router outside until I have devised a better cooling system that will survive the conditions. I’m probably going to build a forced-air system with tubes to guide the air across the heat sink and i’ll make an effort to put the router in the shade.

Too bad aluminum foil is out of the question!

Here you see from the dust buildup that my fan really is doing a bit of work. I took these pictures months later, and gave the fan and heatsink a good cleaning.

This little 12v CPU fan comes from a very old computer. It’s a bit smaller than the standard “small” CPU fan you see these days. I basically selected it because it was the quietest fan I had that would fit in the space. The heatsink is also much flatter than most others. I’m not sure what it came from since I have drawers full of used stuff like this.

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