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Boosting the range of FON hotspot with a zoned router cluster

I was dreaming up a way to build a cheap, powerful, long-range omnidirectional AP while remaining under the power level required for “amateur” radio so I could escape licensing fees, etc., which the goverfink would demand.

I came up with a ring of 3 or 6 (or 9, etc.) separate household routers arranged in a ring and divided from each other by metal walls, like pie-slices. Each would be set to a channel other than it’s two neighbors (1, 6 or 11), and thus would be able to serve a narrow sector of area with far more range than an omnidirectional antenna alone could.

This might not work if the gov considers the overall wattage of an array of antennae, instead of just the max power of an individual transmitter. Does anyone know how they stand on this in the US?

Imagine the potential if someone lived atop a hill in a reasonably populated area and set up an array of XMAX APs this way?
This picture might represent the triangular zones each router would serve, showing how each one would still leave two channels available for private wifi networks in each area:


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