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Modifications: Power Over Ethernet (POE) 2

I’m not sure this will be my permanent enclosure, because it’s not as watertight as I would like, but it sure does look cool. Too cool, in fact. I think I may have to put black electrical tape over the lights because they would look too conspicuous in the clear box, in the dark, up in the tree where you can see it for a couple blocks all around.

This is a tackle box, for holding fishing supplies. It has dividers molded in the plastic. I marked the outline of the router onto the top of the dividers and then cut those walls down *halfway*, giving the router a snug fit and an “embedded in ice” look.

The only external hole in the case is on the bottom. I’ll seal it on the top and sides, but leave the whole bottom unsealed just in case water does manage to drip inside, so it can quickly run out again. This will also act as pressure relief for when the air heats and cools.

I took care to give the ethernet cable gentle curves and so it goes through slots in 3 places in the divider walls. The whole thing is light enough that I feel comfortable hanging it from the ethernet cable itself, though I will need to build some kind of tension-relief for the part that drapes over the top of the tree limb. It does not really matter to me if the cable eventually breaks; it is very old and it is only CAT4 anyway. It was salvaged from a Motorola laboratory 10 years ago. It was probably state-of-the-art when installed there :)

We’ll see how this goes. If I decide to put the router up looking like this, I will seal the edges with a glue gun, or perhaps epoxy. I am also aware that I have a very irritating squirrel up there, so I hope he does not chew on it!

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